Hammered Copper Business Card Holder

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Hammered Copper Business Card Holder

This hammered business card holder is perfect for those that appreciate quality. It blends into any style of decor making it great for any home or office desk. A popular gift idea for teachers or your professional friends.


  • Card holder can hold up to approximately 25 standard business cards (3 1/2 by 2 inches).



(Bronze Patina Version) Finishes are done by hand and may vary slightly from the picture due to things like your monitor settings or conditions while applying the finish.

(Raw Copper Version) Being raw copper this item will overtime darken just like a penny turning green, brown and eventually black.  If you prefer to keep it a shiny copper surface, you will need to clean and lacquer it.


*If you're interested in having it lacquered by us or different dimensions, message us, we like custom orders.*